Day 7: Building the Nest Egg

This post is part of a series on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU). The following is my impression of small pieces of the class. For more, I highly recommend taking the class for yourself.

In the 7th class session, Dave Ramsey tackles investing, both from retirement  and college savings perspectives. As is common, he takes you just through a surface breeze of the topic, since each of these have been topics for entire books. Even though its the 7th class session, this lesson is only covering Baby Step 4 because there were a couple of lessons in there that didn’t correspond to a Baby Step, such as Relationships and Money. In Ramsey’s plan, you would first build a safety net of emergency fund, pay off all debts except the house, and then start in on Baby Step 4: Investing 15% of your income in retirement plans.

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